Play Station 2 (Driver, Barbie,Movie) Please help?

Play Station 2 (Driver, Barbie,Movie) Please help?


Hello Everyone,

Pretty confusing for me, I asked my daughter what she wants and she replied, I want Playstation games (Driver, Barbie,Movie). I dont know what she means and feel embarassed to ask her what it is as she thinks i know everything. She already has a Playstation 2. Please if anybody knows what it means please help a father look good as always in front of her daughter. You help wil be highly appreciated. Thanks

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  1. Driver is the name of a video game; it’s a rather violent one, too. I don’t know how old your kid is, but you may want to avoid it just for that reason.

    There’s probably a Barbie game for the PS2.I don’t know myself, but you can check for that.

    As far as “movie” goes.the PS2 can play movies, but perhaps she meant “Barbie movie”? Just a thought.

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