Playstation 3 games max supported HD?

Playstation 3 games max supported HD?


I dont quite understand when you read the back of a ps3 game case and it says Supported Definition(on the new ones) they just indicated for example 720p. Does that mean that the highest it can go is 720p? I have a 1080p 60 hz samsung and when i play games on max HD it doesn’t look that good. Picture is not smooth. Consoles are hooked by Monster 700 series HDMI cable.

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  1. that means that that particular game is outputted to 720p native resolution – it might have 1080p cutscenes but the gameplay is set at 720p

    the best settings are to enable all resolution the tv supports in video output settings and choose automatic so the ps3 automatically uses the best available resolution depending on the source – also if the tv supports them enable rgb full setting and super white setting.if your tv supports 1080p it also supports 480p , 720p and 1080i so let it use them when necessary.

    don’t just select 1080p and force the ps3 to upconvert because you won’t get the best picture that way. let it use the resolution the games are made to use.

    finally , depending on your TVs response time and dynamic contrast ratio fast action might look blurred ( faster response time cancels this effect out ) – if your tv has a game setting use it during gameplay – it will improve it’s response times and change contrast settings to give a better , clearer picture.

  2. I have the same problem and this is what I found.

    the max output of the game is posted on the back

    HOWEVER it wont play the output unless your tv supports it

    the “funny” part.

    I have a 1080i tv.and i have games that have that “support” but it plays them at 720p.

    I can never get 1080i unless I force it on settings and when i do, it looks bad. The ps3 will select the best outpot according to your tv.not resolutions on either one.

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