How many games fit on a Xbox 360 4g?

How many games fit on a Xbox 360 4g?


Just wondering home many games will fit on my xbox?

I am thinking about buying black ops, nhl11, grand turismo and fifa11. Will they all fit? If so how much space will I have left?

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  1. a lot, 4 gb is a lot of space if you are just using it to save games, youd probably have 3.9 gb left (well 3.2 because the 4gb probably onky has 3.3 gb capacity)

  2. if you are talking about installing them to the hard drive, then you would only be able to fit one game installed to the hard drive on there and not have any space left considering its only a 4 gigabyte hard drive and most games are at least that when it comes to installing them to the hard drive.

  3. i think you can go with PlayStation 3 G-pak Console Organizer Case.i think you like it.

    I love this case because it makes it so easy to transport the wii from here to there. It has flaps cut and velcro’d in all the right places so that you can leave the wii in the case while you’re using it, which makes packing the system back up all the faster. It even has a little pouch in the upper flap/lid that fits the remote sensor so that you can leave that in the bag too (I don’t know if that’s what it was made for, but it works well for that purpose).

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