How can I get a mod menu for mw2 on the ps3...

How can I get a mod menu for mw2 on the ps3 without a jailbreak?


I want to mod mw2 offline and or online (It doesn’t really matter to me) but I don’t have a jailbroken ps3. I know some people who have been able to get a mod menu for theirs without two ps3’s or a jailbroken one but how do I do it. I will even pay for a mod menu I just need one. Help. Anyone?

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  1. Hi, I have a jailbroken ps3, and a regular ps3. I can infect your ps3 with mods for mw2, black ops, or mw3. I have been modding since Mw2. The only reason i mod, is because i stink at call of duty. Lol. But anyway ya, I can infect your PSN account with online multiplayer mods for mw2.

    Email me at [email is not allowed] and we can work out a deal.

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