PLAYSTATION 4 PRO Games Gameplay 4K GRAPHICS Showcase (PS4 Pro)

PLAYSTATION 4 PRO Games Gameplay 4K GRAPHICS Showcase (PS4 Pro)


PS4 PRO Gameplay GRAPHICS Games New Spiderman PS4, Watch Dog 2, Mass Effect Andromeda, For Honor, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Horizon Zero Dawn, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Days Gone & More

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PLAYSTATION 4 PRO Games Gameplay 4K GRAPHICS Showcase (PS4 Pro)


  1. 4k is a horrible buzz word marketing men are using to sell you a fancy new must have product. The reality is most pc gamers don't care about 4k and are more interested in performance and are happy to play games at 1080p to get the most out of their super smooth 144hz monitors.

    For me, the playstation pro should have been about pushing games at 60fps at 1080p. Gaming is not ready for true 4k, not unless you have deep pockets and can afford a top of the line gaming pc, but even then forget about 4k gaming at 144hz, we're not there yet.

  2. Shit, everyone knows that a PC is always going to run games better than a console. I've got a PS4 and a PC (and a few original consoles lying around) but I game more on my PS4. I don't care about how many fps a game runs at or the resolution. As long as you play a game on any platform and enjoy it…job done. People got to stop this shitty attitude about "PC master race" and "My console is better than yours because…". People like that are NOT true gamers and don't deserve to be.

  3. i don't know what types of jokes Sony sayed to you,but this is not REAL 4K at all,because not even PC could get a fluid 4K gaming(at least without 2 GPU and well optimized game DooM for example)
    So it's just close "4k resolution" with lower in-game settings to compensate.
    So spending another 300-400 euros/dollars for the new Ps4 for me is like buy twice the same product.I mean it's like a Ferrari that is forced to go slow.Maybe in the next future we can have small and powerfull device at the same time.

  4. …or just buy a PC for the many, many, many, maaany other advantages of the platform. For example : not paying your internet service provider for internet AND sony. Greedy company.

  5. wow another way i can pay for old games ive allready played ps4 has been a disapointment whats thes use of beefed up graphics if there bugger all new games and watch dogs 2 is shit.

  6. I bought ps4 few months after debut… ps4 failed to deliver good games. I bought all the games from metal gear to St fighter to mortal kombat. the only game I can play over and over again is madden. I'm not wasting money sorry I'll wait for ps5 maybe next year lol

  7. 11:50 This guy somehow makes me remember those rich guys of the movies that are about to tell the party they will have a hunger games contest in his mansion.

  8. 4k resolution means the same shitty console graphics on a higher resolution, for a higher resolution. It's like finding a picture that is on 1024 x 768, then find the same picture that is on, 2304 x 1401, you can clearly see it's the very same picture, the only difference is the resolution that will define that one will look better on a bigger screen.
    The difference between both Standard and PRO versions aren't big enough for us to migrate to the PRO except for the fact that if you have a 4k screen, you'll enjoy more anti-aliased graphics with a bit more of visual effects, such as fog and lights, but no big deal at all.
    If you have a PS4 Slim, stick with it. Meanwhile, save your money, buy a PS4 PRO and sell the other one, problem solved, you don't need to urge to do anything, just enjoy your slim version meanwhile. Or get a pc already.

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