Broken Xbox 360 = [?

Broken Xbox 360 = [?


Ok so i forgot to register my xbox 360 when i bought it about 8 months ago.

It worked perfect and i never had any problems.

But i decided to sell it one day and it shipped off to a nice guy in Arizona.

When it arrived he emailed stating it had the red rings

now it could have been 4 red rings but in the case it was 3.

is there any way he could register it on and send it in himself to get it repaired or am I about to loose $240? = [

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  1. Umm for all you know he could be lying? But either way whether he sends it in to microsoft or not there will be cash coming out your pocket for the repair fee

  2. He should be able to repair it himself, provided he knows how. I’d recommend checking out [url is not allowed], as they tell you how to fix a broken Xbox 360 with the red rings of death. Good luck!

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