My free Sony PS3 games won’t download?

My free Sony PS3 games won’t download?


For the Welcome Back package I selected the first game I wanted and I got a sign that said something like “thanks this will download shortly” so I figured ok it worked. I went on to the pick second game option and the same message popped up after I selected what I wanted. When I went to look in my downloads menu in the PlayStation Store, Infamous and Dead Nation, the games I had selected, weren’t there, nor were they in my shopping cart. I don’t know how to get the games to download when I can’t go in and re-select them and when they don’t appear in either my shopping cart or downloads menu. They aren’t in my downloads folder in my XMB either. When I selected them, I got the pop up that let me know they would be downloading but they are nowhere to be found in my Playstation 3. I’d like to know how to fix this so I can I play these games. Much appreciated.

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  1. Was your account created before or after the Playstation outage? If it was after than they won’t work.

  2. do it by lick my * just kidding, but you can fix it by making sure your internet have good connection and restart your ps3 maybe

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