Top Accessories For the Sony PS3

Top Accessories For the Sony PS3


Playstation 3 is the third installment in the series of Playstation video game consoles. Playstation 3 which is also known as PS3 is one of the most popular video game console of seventh generation era of video game consoles. Currently 35.7 million unit of PS3 are sold.

Sony and other companies also produced different accessories for Playstation 3. Playstation 3 accessories include input accessories like cables for high quality picture and sound, video cameras, microphones and wireless controllers. Here I will tell you about those Playstation 3 accessories that I like very much. Some of my favorite accessories are as follow.

One of the Playstation 3 wireless controllers that I like is the Sixaxis Dualshock 3. There is not much difference between previous version of Sixaxis and Sixaxis Dualshock 3. The only difference that I noticed is that on the rear side of the Daulshock 3 there is printed Daulshock 3 with the Sixaxis label. The plastic used in this controller is opaque unlike the previous version in which the plastic used is slightly translucent. This controller is released in three colors piano black, satin silver and ceramic white.

I’m a fan of PS3 racing games and the device I like to play racing games is known as Driving force GT. Logitech International produced this accessory for Playstation 3. It is a PS3 racing wheel device used for playing racing games. This racing wheel can steer 900° with a steering wheel, brake and throttle pedals. Its features also include force feedback through the steering wheel.

Genericaster is another controller that comes with Guitar Hero: World tour. This guitar controller has a new shape. It also has a quieter and longer strum bar. The start and select buttons are repositioned and its whammy bar is also longer. It also has a solo section which is touch sensitive and is located near the neck of controller.

Another nice Playstation accessory is the Playstation eye which is designed for PS3. It is updated version of the previous Eye Toy webcam. It is not compatible with Playstation 2. It is plugged to the Playstation 3 console through a USB cable. The camera used in Playstation eye can record at a frame rate of 60 or 120 hertz and at resolution of 640×480 or 320×240.

Playstation 3 game developers can also add compatibility for extra devices. Most of the Bluetooth and USB mice and keyword are compatible with Playstation 3 and they can also be used for navigation of XMB or for the web browser of the console. Mouse or keyword can work only in those games which are particularly programmed to use mouse or keyboard.

You can find many other nice accessories for your PS3 in markets and you can get details about them by searching different websites on the internet.

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