Xbox 360 display problem question?

Xbox 360 display problem question?


I don’t know if its the Xbox 360 or my T.V. but lately, my display has been kind of messed up since I’ve been playing games. The display starts out normal, then suddenly the colors change and the display becomes unbearable. The colors in specific are kind of dark-pinkish or something like that. I’ve used this T.V. the whole time I used the Xbox 360 (which is 2 years old). Is it the T.V. giving up? Or is it the Xbox signaling the Red Ring of Death is coming soon? Please tell me there’s a solution to all this. When I change to local cable, its normal, but for the Xbox 360, its still the same.

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  1. i think you should trade in your xbox and all of your xbox stuff asap and get a new console cause the xbox sucks you probably are facing the start of some type of fatal system error that microsoft wont fix even though it is their fault. cause it could be red ring of death or an E74 error. but i think that an E74 error is more likely, and microsft isnt going to fix that one so you will be out of luck if it actually happens, unload that thing while you still can. get a wii or a ps3 at least they dont break every time they put out an update

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