Will Xbox Live Work This Way? IMPORTANT!?

Will Xbox Live Work This Way? IMPORTANT!?


if u detach a hard drive from a person’s 360 who doesn’t have xbox live and attach it to someone’s who does, can u go online?

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  1. Im not sure I totally understood, but I know for sure xbox live privileges are saved to a gamertag, not the HDD. When you buy xbox live, you buy it for one account. Your account wont be gold if you use someone elses 360, just because it has a gold account.

    If you don’t feel like paying for xbox live gold, then try this site. [url is not allowed]. Its pretty cool, because it emails codes for reading many advertisements. Otherwise just buy a membership, Microsoft wants to make sure everyone pays for it.

  2. no the person who doesn’t have an XBL account has to register. The xbl account has to be on file

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