Just bought an XBox 360 Arcade?

Just bought an XBox 360 Arcade?


I traded in an old pro console, got some money, plus 25 at gamestop on their trade-in promotion, and paid the difference for the arcade. I looked, it has the jasper chip and was manufactured in 2010, Feb. to be exact. How reliable is this console?

I’m thinking very.
I know the slim comes out, but that’s 300 bucks. I basically just paid about 50 for this with the trade in and the trade-in bonus. So, I’d say that’s a great deal. Not to mention I got the pro from someone for 80 bucks.

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  1. its very safe shouldnt get rrod but you should of saved up your money and bought a xbox 360 slim that is shiped out yesterday and is gonna be in stores friday

  2. it will last maybe 2012 it will get rrod at some point * xboxes do if you dont do special cleaning the thermal past eventurly melts off the gpu chips causing a 3 ring, and if not cleaned it will gather dust(over long period of time) and couse heat ups, but i agree with the other guys you should have saved up, for the slim, its much nicer and they put MUCH more past on the gpus and the fan holes have a protecter that gather the dust so it dosent get inside the xbox 360 slim

  3. Veryy reliable but i would have waited a little longer and would have bought the slim model

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