NHL 15 – Review (PS4, Xbox One)

NHL 15 – Review (PS4, Xbox One)


NHL 15 - Review (PS4, Xbox One)


  1. I was reluctant to buy this but it as a game is much better than NHL14.   The gameplay is much more realistic and the AI is much better.

  2. I can shoot from the blue with my eyes closed and it still has as good of a chance as a breakaway FAIL

  3. I usually just play the Be a pro mode on this, it's about the only thing that's enjoyable. Online is so awkward on this game, the character changes and poke check are almost non existent, it makes it near enough impossible. I hope they bring back the winter classic for NHL 16 and change some of the physics.

  4. So as a South African and would really like to get into ice hockey, which team would you guys recommend I start with? Not too overpowered.

  5. E  A  S  H  L  ???????? what the fucking fuck EA you fucked up. when you didn't add shootouts you had me pissed. when i found out there was no EASHL i was fucking angry. i really want my money back for this fucking BULLSHIT game… they just spit out a fucking hockey game for next gen and didn't care about the customers… FUCK EA.

  6. Clearly, Game Trailers didn't do their RESEARCH. Hardcore mode was in NHL 14. Not to mention that the standard game modes are NOT worth your money. The only game mode besides "Play now" that is up to par, is, you guessed it, HUT (hockey ultimate team). Which is the only game mode with FUCKING MICRO TRANSACTIONS. I don't want to pay 3 dollars for a fucking premium pack. And I don't even like HUT in the first place, and if I did, I wouldn't do it on a video game. Instead I would play actual Fantasy Hockey for cash. Rather then spending my money I would bet my money.

    To sum it up, EA only focused on micro transactions and a new engine, rather then the consumer. I have hated EA's new business plans recently with micro transactions in their games, but I still respected the EA Sports franchise. Now I have lost respect for EA entirely. Thank you EA for leaving no doubt that, for you, money comes first and the consumer comes last.

    That is the true review of the game and EA as a company.

  7. its very arcady doesn't feel like hockey anymore.  can't wait for Christmas holidays get in a onesy and play NHL14 all day long, ps who the hell wants to see geriatric old man everytime they play and an ugly dude, sorry i only love Bob Cole and Harry Neale screw those other dudes

  8. all i wanna know is whether or not i can actually receive passes and pick the puck up off the boards this time around. and if my team will actually run plays instead stand around in front of the net. 

  9. i wish sony would get into the game and let they guy who make mlb the show have a crack at nhl

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