Ok so im Finally gonna BUy a Ps3 but a few questions...

Ok so im Finally gonna BUy a Ps3 but a few questions first?


okay the promotion for 5 free movies which ones cdo you recommend?

is The Patriot the new one with mel gison or the old ones.

what is the total price for both versions of the ps3 with tax.

how much do bluray movies cost?

is resistance a good shooter. I know call of duty 4 is good but i already own it for the xbox 360.

do i need to buy the component a/v cables separetly. i heard the ps3 doesnt include them, which i feel is stupid as it really isnt hd ready


  1. it will be roughly 430 dollars for the 40 and 540 for the 80

    about 24.99 to 34.99

    resistance is the best!

    yep no cables come with it in box thats another 20 bucks

  2. Sorry, can’t answer the first 3 questions, bluray movies cost around 20-30 dollars(should get cheaper soon). Resistance is a good shooter IMO, but there are other good ones such as UTIII or Warhawk which have taken users from the Resistance online community.

    And the ps3 does not come with component cables. It’s not that bad of a problem just go out and get them seperatley.

    One bit of advice, if your TV supports it, set RGB settings on FULL and set Superwhite ON, this brings out a better picture, they have them set on lower settings in order to let consumers without TV’s that support it to play the ps3 games.

  3. The total price of the PS3 with the sales tax rate in my state (6.75%) 40GB= $426.98 80GB= $533.73

    If your tax rate is less then you will spend a little bit less, if your tax rate is higher then you will spend a little bit more.

    The standard cost for Blu-Ray movies is $29.99 with just one disc, but most stores discount them and you can buy Blu-Ray movies cheaper.

    Yes, Resistance Fall of Man is a very good shooter. From what I’ve heard about Call of Duty 4, the campaign mode is pretty short, but Resistance has a very solid campaign mode. I guess that it would take you around 6-9 hours to beat the game depending on how good you are.

    And yes you need to buy the component cables separately. The PS3 only comes with the composite cables. But it’s not really a big deal because the Sony component cables are just 20 bucks and they are very good cables.

    I’m not sure about The Patriot Blu-Ray DVD though. I’m glad that you finally decided to get a PS3. I mean, who in the world can resist Metal Gear Solid 4, Killzone 2, and Haze. not that many people.

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