Calling All Cars! PlayStation 3 Review – Video Review (HD)

Calling All Cars! PlayStation 3 Review – Video Review (HD)


Calling All Cars! PlayStation 3 Review - Video Review (HD)

Calling All Cars Playstation 3 (PS3) Gameplay Trailer


  1. I always wanted to know what Twisted Metal looked like from the sky. I cannot believe this game was made.

  2. It's similar to twisted metal. Except the vehicles are clean and Unrusty.And they are all used by bounty hunters.

  3. david scott jaffe – creator of this game, twisted metal series, god of war series..

  4. @MrSomeGamerdude
    you do know that the creators of TM and GOW are the same persons right?

  5. this game is where i dont beleive its also made by the creaters of GoW. the creaters of TM:B making this game i can see but not GoW

  6. @WilliamTelevision actually, you're the idiot. i know he had nothing to do with 3 or 4. I was just making a statement that al of those game were good/fun in there own way. the gameplay in TM Black was too fast (cars traveling almost as fast as the missiles) and the weapons had almost no effect on the opponents health (while ramming the opponent took out 1/4 of their life). the gameplay in tm black sucked, though the graphics were good.

  7. Jaffe is an epic moron. Twisted metal 1,2,3,4 were all good. Then Jaffe comes back f's up the gameplay in twisted metal black, head on, etc. It's been all downhill since them. I hope twisted metal for PS3 is fun and different….it sure seems so in the trailers.

  8. meh. expected more from jaffe. at least twisted metal is coming out in october.

  9. @Juniversal ya same here XD well its finally here, and im glad, i remember how ticked off i was when i saw the ign thing saying "twisted metal will NOT be at e3" im like "ONE MORE YEAR… FUCK!!!!!!!!!"

  10. @appleman1324…lol I hear you. I also heard the lie that Jaffe told about Twisted Metal not being in development (or be at E3) lol. He had me fooled for a minute. Even still I was confident we'd be seeing a bad ass project from Jaffe sooner or later. Glad it WAS Twisted Metal though.

  11. @Juniversal ya i do, and i realize that twisted metal ps3 is gonna be released, the thing is RIGHT before e3, i saw an article which said "no twisted metal for e3" so i got pretty pissed, so i kept thinking about the downloadable games he made, and im like "why is he wasting his time" but i saw it at e3, and its looks fuckin amazing, so im relieved ! XD

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