Can I connect xbox 360 (with kinect) to PC monitors (like Samsung...

Can I connect xbox 360 (with kinect) to PC monitors (like Samsung S19A300N)?


My title says all. What kind of port does xbox require? What ports do PC LED monitors have?
I think I am gonna buy a new monitor. Which PC monitor (or what kind of PC monitor) would be most suitable for this job?

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  1. that monitor is kinda old and has very old ports. it would be possible to connect an xbox to it but would be more trouble than its worth imo. the screen is also only 18.5″ which is a bit small to be playing kinect with.

    most xbox”s have a composite/component out and a hdmi out. the samsung website wasnt very clear but i think it said it had composite ports, those are the red, white, and yellow ones. if it doesnt have those youll need to find a crap load of converters, changing the hdmi to dvi then the dvi to vga/d-sub, which is way more trouble than its worth.

    my opinion is for you to either just use a TV or get a new monitor.

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