Can PS4 Play PS2 Games

Can PS4 Play PS2 Games


Can PS4 Play PS2 Games


  1. It would be good to put PS2 and PS3 discs in the PS4.

    But no Sony is charging us £15 for a very old game.

    Total rip-off you can buy mortal combat XL for £15

  2. The PS2 on PS4 icon doesn't shoe on my PS…, example
    PlayStationStore/Games/(no icon for 'PS2 on PS4')… pls help

  3. They need to make more PS1 games available, I would buy the hell out of them. Especially if they have Tomba, Granstream Saga, Battle Arena Toshinden, etc.

  4. what about The simpsons hit & run that was a classic game back when I was young still 1 of the best games going

  5. Please Please release Marvel vs Capcom 2 for PS2 on the PS4!! That game is such an awesome classic & it's so expensive on Amazon & EBay!!

  6. On the original fat ps3 you can play ps2 games with the disc so why a powerful ps4 can't play ps2 games with disc you can play 360 games on the xb1 with 100 games compatible in the Xbox store but you can use the original disc to play the game why can't ps4 do that.

  7. how to save the data of the game cause everytime I close my ps4 the data of the ps2 game is gone

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