Can you play Rock Band 1 songs in Rock Band 2?

Can you play Rock Band 1 songs in Rock Band 2?


I’m looking to finally pick up a music game and I’m specifically looking at Rock Band 2 b/c of it’s song list, but I have also taken a look at the original Rock Band soundtrack and saw a lot of songs I like. Is there anywhere to download the Rock Band soundtrack for Rock Band 2 or do I need to do that transfer option and buy the Rock Band 1 disc?

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  1. There is an export key you can purchase off of the PlayStation Store/Xbox Live Marketplace. You do need the Rock Band 1 disc to export the songs. However, 3 songs will not be exported due to licensing issues. The songs that do not get exported are Enter the Sandman, Run to the Hills, and Paranoid.

  2. It can be done, and you DO need the Rock Band 1 disc. You will also have to pay for it with Microsoft Points (If you’re using it on xbox 360).

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