CGR Undertow – DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION UNIVERSE 2 review for Xbox 360

CGR Undertow – DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION UNIVERSE 2 review for Xbox 360


Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2 review. Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow review of Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2 (developed and published by Konami) for XBox 360.

If You Were Here With Me, I’d be griping to you about the Burning Heat with which my friends and I would Spin the Disc, playing Dance Dance Revolution until the End of the Century. But that Dynamite Rave is over now – ever since Graduation, at least – meaning if we want to relive the Memories of our days of Burnin’ the Floor, we risk burning down our own houses. Universe 2 tries to Let the Beat Hit ‘Em, though the clunky interface and Sky High costs for DLC songs may prevent many from falling So In Love with this release. Maybe I’m just suffering A spot of PARANOiA, though. (I count 14.)

This video review features video gameplay footage of Dance Dance Revolution Universe 2 for XBox 360 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room’s TJ.

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CGR Undertow - DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION UNIVERSE 2 review for Xbox 360


  1. I don't like any of the Xbox brand DDRs. None of them run at 60 frames and the music is not very good. Even songs from established BEMANI artists do bottom of the barrel quality for this game (see Hiroyuki Togo's songs for this series).

  2. There is an achievement on this game to play all songs or something but in the European release they removed some songs makig the achievement impossible! Grrr!

  3. I've only Played a bit of U2 at a Friends house but I'm pretty sure it has a timing adjust in the Options Menu(if that helps)

  4. You usually get laughed out of The Arcade if you tell anyone that you Like DDR on The XBOX but The Universe Series is actually a really great thing to check out, especially now that U1&U2 are only $5 at Gamestop and U3 is only about $7

  5. Hey, try working out using a DDR title. It's one way to get the overweight gamer in better shape.

  6. I got Dance Dance Revolution Super Nova,

    Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2

    Dance Dance Revolution Max

    Dance Dance Revolution X
    And Dance Dance Revolution X2

    Is that DDR for ps3?

    I need to know this

  7. Wow, I think it's the first time I see someone review a DDR game, and actually KNOW how to play it. Seriously, the game starts when you're beginning to play expert.

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