Classic Game Room HD – HEAVY WEAPON for Xbox Live Arcade

Classic Game Room HD – HEAVY WEAPON for Xbox Live Arcade


Watch in High Definition! Classic Game Room HD reviews HEAVY WEAPON for XBLA on Xbox 360 Live Arcade. This Heavy Weapon review has gameplay footage from Heavy Weapon in HD showing game play action as you drive your awesome tank into combat! It’s like Robotron 2084 meets Metal Slug. Wave after wave of bombers, airplanes and helicopters come at you in glorious 2D to blow your tank to bits. You fight them off with Robotron style controls and a variety of upgraded weaponry like rockets, flak and lasers. The Megalaser clears out enemies with one fell swoop, the nukes blast them to bits and achievement points can be won in Heavy Weapon on XBLA. Released in early 2007 by Pop Cap, Heavy Weapon is affordable today and totally awesome with a mission mode, survival mode and 4-player co-op gameplay. If you like old school arcade video games then Heavy Weapon will appeal to you because of it’s excellent gameplay and obvious influence from 1980’s video games like Robotron and Space Invaders. Classic Game Room HD reviews XBLA video games because CGRHD is an XBLA game reviewer reviewing XBLA games on Xbox 360. Earn achievement points in Heavy Weapon.

Classic Game Room HD - HEAVY WEAPON for Xbox Live Arcade

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  1. who's here to check this out because Heavy Weapon is free with live gold on 16/03 – 31/03 2017 😀

  2. who here still plays ive been playing since 2012 i love this game i cant beat level 6 though

  3. looking at the survival mode and the empty lifebars, i guess there is a 4 player mode? who can last the longest? cause that sounds like a whole lot of fun and chaos

  4. Marks vids are such a breath of fresh air. I've been reading about the High Technological Breakaway Civilization that is running our planet, with HAARP and anti-gravity, plasma, direct energy weapons, and UFOs with a black budget of well over half a TRILLION dollars a year. Seeing his vids I wish my life was just all about retro video gaming and beer. Dammit.

  5. How do I do 3 player survival…I was able to do it on the trail of it but not on the full game.Please help.

  6. here it is 5 years later and its still a 800msp game. no reason to lower the price if it keeps getting downloads.

  7. Cant get past the level where you are in like some dark place where there are the planes that drop nukes on you.

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