CSI : Fatal Conspiracy – CASE 1 – Flash Baked – 100%...

CSI : Fatal Conspiracy – CASE 1 – Flash Baked – 100% – 520 gamerscore!!


CSI : Fatal Conspiracy - CASE 1 - Flash Baked - 100% - 520 gamerscore!!


  1. lol i forgot the table at the morgues office and that got me to 100% thoroughness

  2. very good video man. 520 gamerscore. just take your time with it guys its very simple i was more lost on deadly intent.

  3. Thank you so much! I found this video as reference for the 100% skill trophy on PS3 trophies website. Definitely helped! Got 100% on everything! :)

  4. really have no clue what the fuck i am doing wrong, i followed this video to a tee and yet only got 92% skill which is the last fucker of an achievement i need 

  5. Can't believe how precise you have to be collecting the dust/chemical off the shoes. I was trying all the tools for ages only to find I was a mm off where I needed to be -_-

  6. The gameplay can be quite interesting. Its just a shame the graphics are dreadful, even for 2010. Just lazy and low budget.

  7. Quick question does using the skip button hurt your thoroughness? I skip conversations, but did everything else the right way :(

  8. So do i. I have the PC CSI games, but for some reason i have really enjoyed Fatal conspiracy more then the others, i hope they make more for the PS3/Xbox 360 as well as PC.

  9. Thanks a lot for the video.Just got the''Technically perfect'' Trophy (PS3) from using your video.
    I didn't want to keep replaying them trying to get 100% Skill on my own because it get's so tedious when you have already played through the case like i had.
    All i need now is 'Smoker the Hive' 'He said, She said', 'CSI: Fatal Conspiracy', 'Boss fight' 'All Washed up' & then 'Completist' So should be easy from here.Wanted to get the skill trophy out of the way before i finished the last 2 cases.

  10. I have all of the raw footage recorded – But never edited them as i thought no one would be interested

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