Does anyone know when the PS2 is going to be retired?

Does anyone know when the PS2 is going to be retired?


With my job and bills, all I have left to save for a brand new PS2 is about 10-15 dollars each month after necessities are bought. I wanted to get one from ebay since PayPal is friendly there. Currently I have 10 dollars saved but I wanna get up to $120 saved before I get one.

I did some pricing research and I found that the PS2 price is going to drop again sometime this year into 2009.

I’m just curious to know when the PS2 is going to be retired or when Sony is going to stop production of it.

Information with a direct link to Sony is preferred. If someone gets that first, you’ll be chosen as a best answer. :)


  1. i do not think they will be retired soon, because they are still the best selling console over the ps3, xbox 360 and the wii.

    the reason is because they are super cheap and still on par with the wii graphics/processor and it has a crazy lineup of games.

    any game that comes out on the wii will usually come out on the ps2, ps3 and xbox 360, just not Nintendo games like mario. the only thing is neither the wii and the ps2 cannot keep up with ps3 or 360. so you can think of it as the ps2 is kindof next gen, or the wii as kindof last gen.

    This is a lot easier to understand if you stop thinking about the ps2 as being replaced by the ps3, but as them as separate competitive consoles. The ps2 is still the cheapest up to date console.

    and Sony has it down, if you want to buy the cheapest, but still good, get a ps2. if you choose the nicest, go for the ps3, the other competitors are sandwiched in between two sony consoles.

  2. They haven’t said. I have heard indirect claims that Sony will SUPPORT the ps2 till the end of 2009, at least, but that doesn’t say how long it will still be made, or how long games will be made. However it does mean they will support developers. I don’t have a direct link, I looked but couldn’t find one.

    But if you consider that last month, the ps2 outsold both the ps3 and the xbox360, Sony would be foolish to discontinue it now. It may be depressing ps3 sales, but it’s depressing xbox and wii sales, too. If they scrapped it, some of the people buying it would get ps3’s but others would get cheap xbox arcades or wiis. That would mean less money for Sony.

    The ps1 was produced for years after the introduction of the ps2. Games were made for it for years too. They turned the original playstation into that cheap little rounded square box, renamed it PSOne and it was actually an attractive deal to people for quite a while.

    The ps3 has gotten much cheaper for Sony to produce, so they’ll be making plenty of them, but I expect the ps2 to be made for quite a while. A lot of people say the end of this year will be the end of the ps2 but I haven’t seen proof of that. The bottom line is Sony has not said.

  3. Well, I wouldn’t be too surprised if the PS2 dropped in price considering that the system is cheap to produce compared to a PS3.

    And the PS2 probably won’t be retired officially for some time considering the fact that there are over 120 million PS2’s worldwide. With that huge install base, some developers are still making games for the aging PS2.

    The next price drop for it will probably be only 30 dollars or so.

    And check out the prices of PS2’s on black Friday.

  4. i would lend you the money but i live in england so maybe not and apparentley it wont retire for another five years or so down here we are is still making ps1s.

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