Dustforce – Review

Dustforce – Review


Dustforce - Review


  1. Lack of story is hardly a problem. Less is more sometimes. My main issue is the control is really sluggish making some of the wall running more difficult than it should be. Also sometimes when walljumping I can't perform a double jump, but other times I can. A bug? I have no idea. Wish they tightened up the controls.

  2. Man….that game was fine for me but I had to be perfect to move on.  I totally enjoyed the game until I had to start looking at other peoples replays.  Then I was tired of playing

  3. No PS4, 3DS, or Wii U versions? how am I to play this? :( I've already moved on from my PS3 (passed down) and 360 (sold)

  4. This game deserves more attention. It is a perfect platformer for all those who are tired of usual jump and runs.

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