F1 2015 Review – My Honest Thoughts…

F1 2015 Review – My Honest Thoughts…


F1 2015 Review - My Honest Thoughts...


  1. I'd strongly like to see classic mode … this is why I like F1 2013… Next Gen should add Senna's MP4/4 along with other great classic cars throughout the years. I think a great F1 game would be one that incorporates cars and tracks and perhaps some of the drivers from 70's to present day

  2. great review. got my subscription
    hope they bring back the career mode also the co-op career.

  3. I think a 6 is being a bit kind in my opinion. Just downloaded the 2nd patch for PS4 hoping that they'd fixed all the problems, answer, no they haven't! We've had 3 patches in all if you include the day of release patch and the game still feels so broken. I could live with 1 or 2 glitches, you expect that but the amount that's in the game even after 3 patches is taking the piss. The thing that really pisses me off more than anything is the lack of content. I was quite a fan of career mode and it's a shame it's gone, also liked scenario mode. No safety car, no stop and go pens and no drive through pens. How can you leave these things out? It's bloody stupid! That's like EA leaving free-kicks, corners and pens out of fifa, you just don't do it. As for crash damage, it's absolute garbage. In fact, I think crash damage on this years game is worse than on previous games.Utter shambles Codemasters. They've released a game far too early and a game that's so broken I doubt they can fix it.

  4. What about the weather? Isn't this "next-gen"? I haven't played yet, but it looks great on videos.
    What do you think about weather conditions?

  5. There's this weird graphics glitch where your tires will disappear leaving only the wheel hubs.

  6. +Super GT Breaking news, mate, if you're just joining me. Formula One Driver Jules Bianchi has passed away aged 25 after spending nine months in a Nice hospital following his crash at the Japanese Grand Prix in 2014. Thoughts are with him and his family. 

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  7. I don't play multiplayer and I wasn't keen on the career mode in the older games. I preferred playing championship mode so your review has helped a lot in helping me decide if I should get it next week when it comes out in the U.S. Most reviews that I've seen complain about online and no career so it seems ok if you are not interested in those modes.


  8. There is one thing I want to say about this game. We haven't had an F1 game for a while before F1 2010 came out, and there's a good reason for that.

    F1 games are for a niche market. There isn't a huge amount of profit to be made in it and that's why relatively small companies, like Codemasters, step in to get that little bit of profit. So, in a way, we should be glad with what we've been given.

    I agree, I like games to have more features as well, but these days "next-gen" looks are more important than actual features. I'm hoping for Codemasters to get enough money out of this game so they can develop this game further, and add all those things we really want in an F1 game.

  9. So when this was coming out everyone was hyped for interviews but we didn't get them?!

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