Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious – First 10 Minutes (Xbox...

Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious – First 10 Minutes (Xbox One)


Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious - First 10 Minutes (Xbox One)


  1. beat this in one day smh. I thought it was goin to be more of a story mode for fast and furious 7. 3/5 star game too easy and too short.

  2. Hey fifomaniakpl I have an Xbox one can u friend me I am coolgaming21840 OK friend me to play GTA if u have that or Sforza herizoind ok

  3. what is the point of Microsoft to make us download the game then take it back in April the 10TH does it makes sense

  4. ugh, this guy's driving line is way too sloppy, you can tell he isn't paying much attention.

  5. I played and beat both the One and 360 versions of this, and think that the Xbox One version is better than the 360 version in every way. But both versions were great. It was kind of fun comparing the 2 versions to each other, and looking for differences in the games, even the minor ones like the checkpoints.

  6. This might be a little late since I'm using Internet explorer but the Japanese are going to attack Pearl Harbor

  7. This dlc is awesome cars are perfect they also added nitrous dlc is free for a limited time

  8. Free or not, I think I will ignore this.. Sorry Playground, its just too. Gangsta…for my tastes..

    Odd as Fast and Furious has not been "gangsta" for the past 4 films, they are more Cop/ (PG13)Action movies with hot-rod cars in them now and that change was a massive improvement for me. it took the series from Hated Trash to Enjoyable Fluff in my books.  So this marks a sad return to the Furious Franchises roots, which I, as aforementioned, Hated. Pity,I was hoping this would have been more of a Cop/(PG13)Action experience like the later films, not a gangsa gangsta one like the earlier films 

    Games industry! just Leave gangsta for NFS and GTA. Please.

    Damn dissapointing Playground, I expect better from you with the next expansion! PS. is it just me or did I hear some uncensored F Bombs in the Musak?…PEGI didnt listen very well did they!

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