Gravity Rush 2 | Tokyo Game Show 2015 Trailer | PS4

Gravity Rush 2 | Tokyo Game Show 2015 Trailer | PS4


Gravity Rush 2 | Tokyo Game Show 2015 Trailer | PS4


  1. If there is going to be another "Nazi weapon" or "The city protector" from militaries you guys will know what I will do

  2. But I want the vita version, it's great. Give it vr at least. I mean it's already got first person view

  3. L'évolution visuelle du second opus est un plaisir incroyable en regardant le trailer juste après avoir fini le premier volet. Le gameplay déjà excellent semble de surcroît enrichi. Hâte de retrouver ce plaisir immédiat et enfantin d'exploration de l'environnement que je n'avais pas ressenti depuis les Mario Galaxy. Le scénario du premier opus s'avérant malheureusement avare en informations, en culminant sur une fin bien abrupte, cette suite a énormément d'informations à délivrer sur les théories entourant l'univers et ses protagonistes.

    Hâte de retrouver cette interactivité aérienne, ce monde envoutant et ses personnages attachants. Vivement une date de sortie précise :)

  4. Ok… I love the original game, and I played it on both consoles all the way through. Honestly I liked the PS4 version better. But it started off as a vita game and I really wish they wouldn't have killed off the vita like they did. It looks amazing! But another thing I'd like to point out…
    I know the military was a problem in the last one. But it seems in this game that we're gonna be fighting more robots… That last part in the game was a huge anxiety attack XD I NEVER LIKED THE INFESTATION AND DESTRUCTION COUNT DOWNS TBH LOL. But I think the trailer and game should have focused more on the NEVI. And not so much on the robotic stuff and military. I saw in it that we're gonna have to defeat MILITARY PERSONAL. Which is probably one of the craziest ideas out there, but who am I to judge XD. But I see that it's also taking place in a new town! That's cool, but… I really liked the original one. I loved the music as well in the last one. (looks a bit cramped btw hehe. Can't see XD)

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