Guitar Hero: Smash Hits Video Review

Guitar Hero: Smash Hits Video Review


Guitar Hero: Smash Hits Video Review


  1. If it was DLC, you would have to buy GH:WT just to play it.
    Also, don't forget about the people that play on the PS2 or the Wii!

  2. "Some of them don't even sound right"

    Maybe because they're not covers this time? Honestly, do your research.

  3. Another issue was with the HOPO's. If you were holding down green and had a strum note and then a green HOPO, you had to tap it instead of keeping it held down. It made songs like Lay Down unnecessarily irritating.

  4. I think they were just trying to make the original songs Playable on the PS3, because GH2 wasn't playable on it. Things and reasons like that.

  5. 1. Band Hero
    2. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
    3. Guitar Hero: Van Halen
    4. Guitar Hero 5
    5. Guitar Hero 2

    Worst is metallica, I don't think any will agree

  6. exclusive band titles like guitar hero Metallica is what killed the guitar hero series.. also band hero. If you don't like the band in the game like metallica you don't like the game. And it didnt produce sales so they went bankrupt. At least rock band was smart about it and did a band ppl actually liked… the Beatles.

  7. The only thing that went wrong on Smash Hits: They changed the original note boards.

  8. 5. Guitar Hero 2
    4. Guitar Hero 5
    3. Guitar Hero World Tour
    2. Guitar Hero 3
    1. Guitar Hero Metallica!!!

  9. @patriotrower tried it at a friends house. works with rock band guitars and mics not drums though

  10. ive never owned guitar hero. should i get this? since the track list looks pretty good, and im not worried about dlc. so, should i buy it?

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