have a ps2 need help hooking?

have a ps2 need help hooking?


Have a PS2 and I have no idea how to hook up to my home wifi. Is it possible?¿

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  1. The PS2 cannot connect to your home’s wireless network. However, you can connect the PS2 to a wired network with the help of an adapter. (For the PS2 Slim only. The original does not need one because it comes with an expansion bay)

  2. No, ps2 is not available for wifi but i believe you can hook a ethernet cable into the back. ps3 is the only one out of them that support wifi. Also, I believe they make wireless game adaptors.

    ‘The PlayStation 2 does not have built in wi-fi connection, but the PLAYSTATION 3 will support this. Anyways, if you have a laptop close by you can set it up wirelessly without purchasing the wireless bridge or wireless gaming adapter. Here is a link that will show you how to setup by making your laptop to act as a wireless HUB. You must have Server 2003 or Windows XP, a crossover cable, and a wireless router to pull this off.

    If you don’t want to do that or have a laptop to do so, you can pick up either a wireless gaming adapter or wireless bridge. Wireless bridges and wireless gaming adapters are much the same, except wireless gaming adapters are supposedly geared specifically towards gaming, but there is no difference in the wireless gaming adapter and wireless bridges. I suggest you take a look at some wireless bridges and wireless gaming adapters on Amazon and Newegg to see which one will suit you best and be sure to check out the customer reviews. Best wishes!”

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