I burned a ps1 game on a cd, but when i try...

I burned a ps1 game on a cd, but when i try to play it on the ps3, nothing happens. HELP!?


i have burned a ps1 game on a blank cd-rom, but when i inserted it on my ps3 nothing happens, except that a thumbail of a CD comes out of the Video, Music, and Photos Tab. is there anything i could do?


  1. let me clear this up. fat ps3’s can only play ps2 ps1 and ps3 games. slims do not. secondly they do sell blank blu ray discs. also to run a burned disc or pirated version of a game on a system you have to mod it. which can brick your computer if it isnt done correctly

  2. ps3 games are blu ray, I dont think they sell blank blu ray dvd so thats why it wont play

  3. No, the PS3 does play PS1 discs but it doesn’t play burned ones. You have to use original PS1 discs.

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