I just bought the xbox 360 im always late for that but...

I just bought the xbox 360 im always late for that but do you think it was a good idea?


or should i have waited for the new xbox console to come out
i heard the only good thing about ps3 is the blueray option and that the graphics are a little bit better then xbox but that about it.

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  1. i actually think you should of bought a play station 3 unless you like sending broken xbox’s back to microsoft to get fixed

  2. It mostly depends on game preferences. I too was late to buy the 360 and have yet to get a PS3 simply because the 360 has a higher amount of game content than the PS3. Furthermore big titles like GTA IV offer exclusive DLC only on the 360.

    However there are some models that are still afflicted by the red ring of death and you would therefore have to send your 360 away for a few months and you’ll have to resort to some other system for your gaming. The PS3 on the other hand lacks a whole lot of exclusive content as most PS3 versions of a game are usually performing better on the 360.

    If you play games online though prepare to shell out 50 dollars for a year of XBL Gold so you can gain access to exclusive downloads, and of course be able to play multiplayer. The PS3 offers free multiplayer and allows everyone to download content instead of making some users wait a week.

  3. Well, the next gen will be around 2012, so you have 3 years to play. And i don’t think they will discard the current gen at that time. And your choice is totally yours. Both consoles have their pros and cons. The xbox 360 has most games, more exclusives and a great online service with a lot to do. But it is also the one with the highest failure rate. Then again, the newer models are modified by Microsoft and have lower failure rate. But it still is higher than other consoles. On the other hand, the ps3 has less games, less exclusives. But it also has better hardware, lower failure rate and free online service. (You have to pay for xbox live gold, but the silver subscription is free. But it also does not allow multiplayer online. So you need gold to play online. But silver is enough if all you need is download.)

  4. I still think the next to next gen consoles are 2-3 years away. The next XBOX will probably come out in end 2010 or 2011 so, it’s still a long way. As far as buying a 360 being a good idea, I wouldn’t like to comment as it’s a controversial subject as all factors such as reliability(RROD uh.um), exclusives now, exclusives in the future. are to be considered. PS3 fanboys will say that it was the single most biggest mistake you have made whereas the 360 fanboys will say otherwise. If you are happy with what you have bought, then good for you.

  5. No way. The Xbox 360 is still the coolest system, whenever you buy it. I just bought one two days ago, and I’m not regretting it. There are so many cool games, that it will never become outdated.

  6. if you want to hop into a community of gamers and interact the xbox was the right choice, the only thing the ps3 has on the 360 is its failure rate is smaller.

    Microsoft said its all fixed now so if that’s true and its proven i don’t see people buying a ps3 unless there’s a gun to their head!

    xbox360 – failure rate = best gaming system ever

    hope i helped!!

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