Is Burnout Paradise a good game to buy for Xbox 360? (Career...

Is Burnout Paradise a good game to buy for Xbox 360? (Career and Xbox live wise)?


I was planning on getting Burnout Paradise for Xbox 360 and I was wanting to know if it has a cool career/story mode and Is the online xbox live mode good?

And is it possible to customize your cars?

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  1. Yea its a great game! But as far as the customizing goes– Sorry the most customizing you can do to a car is choosing the color(s), or if you want the car to be metallic or exotic (two colors mixed around the car). But the career is pretty awesome, especially because there are NO loading screens!(unless you use the quick button to call for a xbox live game). But if you want to play online, thats great too! But i really suggest you learn the maps, or it gets kinda ugly!! But the ability to call any event or race on any street is just a great feauture that makes the game really fun (besides the new stunt/agressor cars). But try the demo on xbox live, its limited, but it was enough for me to buy the game.

  2. it is awesome!

    you can’t customize your cars, but who cares?

    you can get some gangsta cars on there

    and its awesome that you can see people when ya take em out

    people on xbl r awesome lol

  3. I’m a long time fan of the Burnout Franchise. I remember when it was Criteron, BEFORE EA bought them. Actually Burnout is WHY EA bought them. Seriously it is a great game, you can easily spend HOURS playing it. One of the few games I would really say is worth what you pay for it anymore. The online feature is great as well, great how easy it is to go online as well. I’d really recommend buying it. No you can’t customize your cars, BUT that is normal in burnout. The way they make up for that idea is that they have so many cars as you go through the game. There is plenty to do through the game and heck sometimes it is fun to just drive around without doing any events. About the only thing I miss about the old “linear” style of the prior Burnout games is that the crash mode could be used multiplayer. The crash mode is still fun, but just was slightly more enjoyable the other way.

  4. As the other responders have said, you can’t customise your cars; however, the cars you win through completing the events around the world do all drive in significantly different ways. Because they all feel varied in their handling you can try loads of cars to get the one that feels best for you.

    The unlocked cars provide a great ‘levelling up’ feel to your vehicle – it’s not really customisation, but the effect is the same.

  5. Yea, it is a really good game. Not must to customize, but alot of downloadable content is on the way.

    It requires a harddrive for online play though, so if you are a memory card user, this game is a single player only for you.

  6. if you already have the xbox360 and xbox live. then go to xbox live marketplace. go to the games demo sections and download the demo of burnout paradise. i did the same thing.

    only takes about 1 to 2 hours to download

    but downloads are paused if you play a game whilst downloadiung

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