I’ve broken the warranty on my ps3?

I’ve broken the warranty on my ps3?


My ps3 had the yellow light of death for the 2nd time. The 1st time i gave it in and i got a new one , but the new one has it too. It’s been around 4 weeks with a 3 month warranty. So i just looked at the hard drive and pulled back the sticker. Then i find out that i’ve broken my warranty. Is there any way i can get a replacement cheaper or free? Please what do i do?

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  1. for a free replacement look here [url is not allowed]

    or just see if you can get a new one from the shop, cant hurt to try

  2. Sony has stated that removing the HDD warranty sticker does NOT void the warranty, so I don’t even know why they even put that sticker there. If it’s still under warranty, just have it sent back again.

  3. If the warranty is null and void, then the only thing you can do is sell it to somewhere that buys used games (such as Gamestop), and use the money to buy another one (I’d suggest getting it from somewhere else besides the place you sold it to, cause they’ll figure out what you’re doing). But that is very risky, because it’s illegal to sell something back to the store if it’s broken, so I would suggest you don’t do that.

    But you can always have someone fix it for you. There are people who fix games for a living.

  4. Honestly? You have voided the warranty. Unless you get someone who understand what you did, no one will take it back. My recommendation would be to buy another one and then bring that one back in the same box. It’s a crappy thing to do, but it works.

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