Kerbal Space Program: Xbox One Gameplay

Kerbal Space Program: Xbox One Gameplay


Kerbal Space Program: Xbox One Gameplay


  1. This makes me sad. My dad just said that the game sounds stupid and said I'm not allowed to spend any money on it

  2. And how would this work? In gameplay you are going to lack buttons, and I don't think building ships with just analog sticks will work out that great, but eh who knows

  3. I really don't get why they did this, I see Kerbal as a complex game that requires the keyboard and mouse. Not a couch and controller game. I want to see a child that plays console calculate Delta V.

  4. this is pure bullshit for a single and simple reason.
    building vehicles must be frustrating with an analog stick due to the complete lack of any accuracy that you would get with a mouse.

  5. I would not recommend this game, even if you can't get it on the PC. The controls are horrible, they should of spent more time making a decent port.

  6. ok so i launch my rocket, get into orbit, then set up my nodes now i cant control my rocket as in cant fire the engines or steer it. please help

  7. Lag looks horrible for such small ships! I build monsters so I'll stick to my i7 4.6Ghz PC….

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