Know any good offline multiplayer games for Xbox 360?

Know any good offline multiplayer games for Xbox 360?


I’m looking to play multi player games with my housemates. I do have Live – but save that for when I’m home alone.

We’re looking for something for when there’s nothing on TV.

No FIFA, we’ve been there!

Any other genre considered.

Thanks for your time and help.

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  1. I’d look for racing games like Burnout (Old ones are the best!) that can be fun as well as serious, or how about Lego games? Theres always guitar hero, scene it or lips? If you have Kinect then id definately recommend Kinect Sports!

  2. Personally the most fun iv had playing co-op offline is almost any game in the halo series (not including halo wars, which was an real time strategy game, not a first person shooter). When halo 3 came out i remember getting together with like 4 xboxs and having a huge 16 player lan line match. And playing the campaign on legendary with friends in the same room is always a pastime favorite. Left for dead 2 is a good one if your into zombies as well. Not to sound like a fanboy but halo is probably one of the best co-op games there are, weather its online, offline or system linked, mainly because most games nowdays make you buy another xbox/membership/game/tv if you want to do co-op offline, just to make more money. good luck finding a game you both like!

  3. where to start:

    Gears of war 1,2,3

    Assassins creed 1,2,brotherhood, revelations and 3

    lego games just as there are hilarious,

    halo collection

    army of two 1,2

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