My ps3 80 gb. version got the yellow light of death today....

My ps3 80 gb. version got the yellow light of death today. memory help?


I didn’t back up my data and my battlefield 3 game is stuck in my hoping of getting a new system but im not sure because I know its a stupid question but I need to know if battlelog or psn saves your game data.or should I just get my ps3 repaired so u can back up my data?

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  1. Get a new system, my ps3 had that problem i repaired it and after 6 months i didn’t worked; i had a game on the system too (cod4), to get it out i opened the system by mylself, i know it’s dumb but that’s the only way.

  2. hold the on button for 10 sec and should beep 3 times and will go to recovery mode to go back in to change the settings then get a hard drive and back up your stuff before you turn it off. (might work for me it didn’t.)

  3. This is annoying problem – you can fix the YLOD by sending it in and they re-solder the board for you. If you have a disc in there you could use a repair guide to get the disc out as well as fix this problem.

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