Phantasy Star Universe Playthrough Part 1

Phantasy Star Universe Playthrough Part 1


I wanted to make a playthrough of this game to so I am. This is part one of my Phantasy Star Universe playthrough for the Xbox 360. It starts off slow with a lot of cut scenes where you play as Ethan Waber a kid living on the guardians colony going to meet his sister for an event that is going on.

There is part one of my playthrough I will have more parts of my game playthroughs up in a couple of hours so subscribe for more videos that are coming soon.

Phantasy Star Universe Playthrough Part 1


  1. the fact the servers are shut down on this game for good now make me sad… all my friends had this and we would all play for hours even falling asleep early hours of the morning in the lobbies chatting to others and doing party chats… its the best mmorpg ever to be released on a console… i really hope they make another phantasy star game like this for xbox one and ps4…. :(

  2. The one on the train? I just stayed away and shot them one at a time. Just take them out one at a time.

  3. Isnt this basically like World of Warcraft but for Xbox? Its like you can have bunch of players and stuff like Warcraft? and Whats your gamertag I wana play with you

  4. loved this game i got all the way to the end battle but was such a low level i had to start at my last save point to get strong enough only prob is if i killed every enemy from than to the final battle still was no where near strong enough so i started over now i cant find it i gotta beat this whole game before i can get the anxiously awaited second one

  5. although it dosnt matter imo, unless you want to play online, i got a gen 1 ps3 and the ps2 version was still pretty decent

  6. I forgot how painful the voice acting was, and I played this 6 years ago and got halfway through the game. And I keep asking myself "why, oh why do I want to play this game?"

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