Play together with Xbox Live Gold

Play together with Xbox Live Gold


Play together with Xbox Live Gold

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  1. for the x360 can multiplayer finally be free cause rhe 360 is starting to die and be killed off by the xbox one series

  2. Xbox is overall the best gaming console of all time! I'm so excited to get a new Xbox One on my birthday! I can't wait to play on Xbox Live with my friends! Microsoft, you are truly the best at making video game consoles! The video games that I can not wait to play is Halo 5 and PvZ Garden Warfare 2!

  3. I've had xbox one for about a month and still no friends. anyone want to play with me my gt is kaos mello, i play fifa 15, destiny minecraft, dbz xenoverse. :)

  4. Been a member of Xbox Live since 2008. Plan to pick up my first Xbox One in a couple weeks and continue making memories on Xbox.

  5. I'd LOVE to play together, but the list of games with local co-op/versus is a joke. Esp Halo 5. I could play online randos on my PC. I want my friends to enjoy my sound system and flat screen with me.

  6. How about you just let us play the games that WE BOUGHT online without giving you greedy men more money just to continue playing it

  7. To everyone wondering what the whole point of the video is ill explain it to you.

    They made this video to get more people to buy xbox live gold and what ever else. It is called marketing. Make sense now people?

  8. Now if game developers could just start making split-screen games that I could play with my family, or anything I could play with friends without having to buy several consoles, that'd be great. Oh, & PS Plus is still cheaper & offers more free games. & this is coming from a loyal Xbox fan. Step up your game Microsoft.

  9. Xbox microsoft you guys are the best you guys really made us happy keep up the good work all the best xbox your the best….

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