Project Natal question.?

Project Natal question.?


ok, I was just wondering. When is project natal coming out it looks amazing, I would buy it no matter the price! I saw the videos on YouTube! And wait how much it cost? And can you still use the xbox 360 you have? Or is it a whole new xbox? That would stink! But be sure to give a lot of details and info thanks! Think about it your body is the controller isn’t that amazing!

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  1. Ok Im gunna break this down into parts for the different parts of your question.

    1. There is no set release date for Project Natal. People currently think sometime next year in 2010. However this is just a guess that people have made. There is actually nothing stopping this entire project from being canceled yet so just cross your fingers that it DOES come out and worry about when after.

    2. Since it has no release date it also has no price tag. People have guessed a price anywhere between $75 and $200. I will guess that the price will sit around $150 or so. Facial/voice recognition software are not hard to come by buy the equipment, size, and everything else they plan to put into this device is fairly hi-tech so you should expect more then less when it comes to the price.

    3. This is not a new system is it simply an add-on to the system. MS has already stated that this device known currently as project natal will work on the current Xbox 360 AND the next gen Xbox whenever it comes out. That means that this device connects either wirelessly to your console or VIA USB. However it is not known yet how it will connect.

    4. This was not part of your question but I shall add it. The games for it while innovative will not be all game. This device is different then a controller in how it works. That means that when a game company makes a game they will have to code the game to work with this as a form of control. Not all companies will opt to do this. That means that while you will get some games on it not all games will but built for this. That also means that any game currently on the market will also not work with this.

    5. Also while I agree with the statement your body is a controller is amazing and most people will agree it has a major problem. That problem is that a lot of people who site down to game.want to just just that SIT down. They do not wish to get up and jump around. Persionally I am not looking forward to using this for any type of active game. While I may use the simpler games such as a trivia game or such it is the other features that I wish to use and see. Those features being:

    A. Walking into the room and the system knowing it is you and starting your profile.

    B. Video chatting with people. (I did not deem the xbox vision cam was worth the money)

    C. Dashboard controls with hand movement.

    D. Shopping and ETC.

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