PS3 is not showing picture nor sound? Help!?

PS3 is not showing picture nor sound? Help!?


I got my ps3 the day it came out and have had no problems with it. I was watching a movie and my ps3 froze and I tried to turn it back on and no picture nor sound came up. I went thru all the steps (holding the power button down and all that junk, and double checking I am on the right settings, tried using AV cables, etc.) and I cannot get it to work. If I let the ps3 sit for a while, it’ll work but it seems after a while or when I switch discs, it freezes again and my ps3 will show no picture nor sound again for a good couple hours. Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. Um have u tried taking out the hdmi and puting it bak in? Hold the power button for 10 sec until it beepa twice then turn the switch behind the ps3 off then try it and plus no dont get. Xbox3fixme it will brake less then 2 weeks!!

  2. Something is wrong with it, call Sony and ask them, but you will most likely have to send it in to them for them to fix. Hopefully it’s still under warranty.

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