PS3 Need for speed!?(hot pursuit)?

PS3 Need for speed!?(hot pursuit)?


We got the new need for speed hot pursuit game and was wondering how you get to multiple players to play perfurably 2 players! Thanks!

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  1. NFS: Hot Pursuit is a one-player offline game, multi-player online game.

    If you want to play with more than 1 player (2-8 players), you will need two PS3s, two copies of the game, and then connect online.

    You can not play a 2-player game from the same PS3, because there is only a single player story mode.

  2. This is the second time I’ve answered this same question today, NFS HP IS ONLY A SINGLE PLAYER GAME IT SAYS THAT ON THE BACK COVER right next to where it says 2-8players online.

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