Ps3 slim games help scratches?

Ps3 slim games help scratches?


Ok so I bought silent hill downpour yesterday and I have noticed a very fine scratch on the disc ( on the edge ) anyways you can only see it when facing the disc to the sun, can this scratch affect its gameplay or anything? Can the scratch get bigger the more I play it?

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  1. The scratch won’t affect the game play, and it wont get bigger. PS3 games are made from Blu-Ray disc which are really tough. Just play the game and enjoy yourself. :)

  2. No and since it’s on the outside it’s negative affect (if any) would be minimal. It’s not going to get any worse by normal use or handling but if you have a home repair kit you could try to fix the scratch. Even bad scratches can be fixed though if taken to a specialist store, plus if the scratch was there before you touched it you could also ask for an exchange as this is your legal right. As it’s very fine it should play perfectly ok though.

  3. Blu ray discs (which is what games are made on) are VERY hard to scratch to begin with, AND they have LAYERS AND LAYERS AND LAYERS. If the scratch is just on the surface, it won’t affect gameplay at all, because games are put on the layers that are the farthest from the surface. The scratch would have to be REALLY DEEP for it to affect the game at all, and it’s unlikely the scratch will get any bigger.

    If the scratch was there BEFORE you started playing it, when you JUST brought it home, go back to the store you got it from and say that the disc was damaged/faulty prior to you playing it and you would like a new copy of the game that’s in mint condition. Make sure to bring you receipt with you.

    Hope that helps.

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