ps3 slim help!!?

ps3 slim help!!?


the ps3 slim say that it has a internet ready wifi does that meqan u dont need a router to play online or have internet on there

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  1. It depends on the type of Modem you have. I have seen some modems that have 4 connections and wifi, which basically means it’s got a router built-in. If you have the standard modem, though, you’ll still need a router. However, you can either plug in to the router with an Ethernet cord, or if your router is wireless you can connect via wi-fi. FYI, I’ve found that when downloading stuff (DLC, videos, etc), a cord connection goes about 1.5x as fast as a wi-fi connection.

  2. it means if u have wireless internet u can connect to it on ur ps3 it also has Ethernet port for wired internet

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