PS3 Trophy Hunting – Three Helpful Tips

PS3 Trophy Hunting – Three Helpful Tips


I love my PS3. What I love more is earning trophies. I play a lot of games and I’d say hearing that sound and seeing the little notice is a high for me. While I like having a very high trophy level, I also like them because I end up playing all types of games.

With some games, you can just play one time and get most of the trophies. However, lot of games require multiple plays and special attention. If you want a higher trophy score, here’s some tips.

FIRST: All Games Count

It doesn’t matter if the game is Hannah Montana or Call of Duty, it counts. Trophy hunting is about stacking them up, not really game selection. Play as many games as you can and don’t worry about it.

SECOND: Difficulty Matters Not

So what if a game is hard or takes 1,000 hours to get 100%. While some might think that’s what matters, it doesn’t. Again, all that matters is stacking up trophies.

I’d rather be a level 32 trophy hunter than have a platinum in Warhawk but only be level 4.

All that matters is those trophies.

THIRD: Time Counts

Sometimes you’ll get 70% of a game’s trophies fast as heck, but the last 30% will take 30+ hours.

The smart thing would be to put the game aside (unless you really love it) and spend those 30 hours getting tons of trophies from other games.

If you rent PS3 games, then time is critical, so just play through and try to get 60%+ and then move on to something else if you want. While getting 100% on a game rocks, in the end, it’s the trophy count that’s important.

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Thanks for reading my PS3 article. I hope you have fun playing games.

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