PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S – Full Comparison

PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S – Full Comparison


PS4 Pro vs Xbox One S - Full Comparison

PS4 Pro vs. Xbox One S (CNET Prizefight)


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  2. Lol I swear these Console War elitists are fucking retarded.
    You idiots are fighting over consoles with the same power, even if it's different power, how do you notice when you don't even play PC? It's not too noticeable, and it doesn't matter, because every Xbox One has a flaw and every Playstation 4 has a flaw… People just dickride trends and don't know what they're talking about, and have no good reason for one thing to be better than the other.

    "oooh uh PS4 is better because more people has it!"
    "all my friends own a xbox one! its totally better than the PS4!"
    "PS4 runs 200fps while Xbox One is locked on 60fps!"

    Shut your fucking mouth.

    They're literally the same thing, with different exclusives, software, and hardware.

    You can play video games, you can watch TV Shows, videos, movies, you can browse the web, and you can communicate with your friends.

    That's all that matters. You console war elitists are just a bunch of fucking hypebeast fake ass gamers

  3. Why the hell would you do a comparison on these two consoles. It should be the ps4 slim and Xbox S…oh I know why because you know the S is better than the slim…. closet ps4 fanboy detected

  4. it sounds like you're hating on the xbox one. You a sonyfanboy eh? Well to bad xbox scorpio 4 life

  5. if i buy xbox one s i can play old games from xbox 360
    if i buy PS4 Pro i cant play old games from ps3
    so who can help me

  6. TBH whatever your use to is ok, I personally would weigh my decision on what my friends have and what I've had in the past.

  7. I am personally a PS4 fanboy, But XBOX One S Has Halo Backwards compatible thats what my opinion is many may disagree but reply to me if you agree or disagree but tell me why when you reply

  8. ps4 is better ps4 is faster ps4 fan not loud xbox fans are loud xbox gets hot fast remember when u got the xbox 360 they just stop working playstation is a better gaming console and ps4 have better graphics xbox is like a computer ps4 is better backward compatibility is good but who wants to play an 5 or 4 year old game new games coming out. xbox put stuff that u just don't need

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  10. аргументы на уровне у кого хуй больше тот и победитель, не согласен, я за xbox one s

  11. I just got my xbox one s today after looking at videos like this one, I absolutely hate it because of something you totally ignore it the comparison ; it has ads on the home screen. I wouldn't mind game related advertising but McDonald's and Samsung, no way. I can't believe you left that out of your review.

  12. 4k doesn't exist on console. Because those console doesn't have display port output.

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