PS4 Update : PS1 & PS2 Backwards Compatibility

PS4 Update : PS1 & PS2 Backwards Compatibility


What is the true nature of console backwards compatibility? Should we be excited about the PS4 running PS One and PS2 classics?

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PS4 Update : PS1 & PS2 Backwards Compatibility


  1. The PS4 Blu-ray drive is actually incapable of reading CDs (which in my opinion, was a dumb move, it's not like it would've added that much cost considering today's standards. Even though they're not as popular today, some people still use audio CDs, almost anything else can play them). This means it would be impossible to read PS1 and part of the PS2 library from disc, without A) redesigning the PS4 with CD capabilities, or B) creating a external CD-player peripheral.

  2. 4:20.
    My goodness.
    "Look, I'm no computer engineer…"
    Don't have to be.
    The PS4 does NOT run PS3 games.
    Because of the CELL architecture of the PS3, the PS4 is not able to emulate the PS3 software-wise.
    Now, if they put the money into it, they could stuff a (Fat model)PS3 optical drive, integrate it with the PS4's, design a PS2/PS1 emulator for the PS4 and everything would be fine.
    But that would be expensive, and probably fail because the "average consumer" doesn't care about backwards compatibility. They want games.
    A shame really.

  3. Yes the ps4 can definitely emulate PS1 and 2 but it does not have the horsepower to run ps3. Especially since the architectures are so different. Plus I'd be willing to bet that guy with the ps3 emulator has a pc way beefier than a ps4.

  4. playstation is bullshit, some of my discs stopped working, called tech support and they said i would have to buy the games again, i bitched and they tried something, didnt work, told me again i would have to buy the games twice, kept bitching, said they could try one last thing, it worked, 3 discs worked again, con artists!

  5. This video is stupid. Emulating the PS3 on an x86 architecture would be tough. There is a PS3 emulator that has been in development for 5 years. It runs some stuff, but not the titles you'd want like GoW. And you need a Sandy Bridge class CPU, not some dinky APU.

    Not saying it isn't possible; the 360 had a similar architecture and MS pulled it off. MS is also a software company and had software devs on hand to make it happen–and I still think they cheated to make it happen (you dl an altered executable, which mean it might just be DX code compiled for the X1 and not emulation). The issue is if you /don't/ have guys who write operating systems on hand, this is expensive.

    Rather than wag your dick around about your prophesies or whatever the fuck that was about, why not just buy a PS3 and use that for PS3 games?

  6. TGN Gaming – I strongly agree pal! sony can include backwards compatibility, but wants you to buy again the same game for the new console via playstation store…

  7. SO TRUE.. i have been preaching about this on my channel for a year now or more… good video man

  8. they made the PlayStation 3 where they can play PS1 PS2 and PS3 games so they should be able to make the PlayStation 4 We're plays in 1 2 3 and 4

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