Question about a PSP?

Question about a PSP?


I have decided to buy a new PSP.

But i still have a few doubts about that,,

Here is the list-

1) If I am able to access internet on it,.Will the speed be good enough?

2) How can I play games on it?.Do I need to download it from a PC or PSP itself?.Or buy game chips for it?.On average,.How much can a game chip cost me?

3) Can I download other stuff like Text files, etc?

4) How long will a fully charged battery will last?Also,.When do I need to change the battery?

5) Any tips you want to share about what to take care of before buying?

6) Are there any negative points about it?.

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  1. no it has built in wi fi you need a wireless siginal dude r u dumb u buy psp games there not chips there are disks sorry but im not going to keep wastin my time tellin sometin to a dumb dude

  2. The PSP is a great console and you won’t regret buying it!

    1) You need to access a wireless internet connection or ‘Hotspot’ for it to work online. There are some great online features like a web browser and online multiplayer gaming. Even a small speed is more than worthy of running the PSP online.

    2) To play games on it you use a mini-disk known as a UMD (universal media disk) you can buy these from any videogames store. I’d recommend buying God of War: Chains of Olympus. Alternatively, you can download them from the ‘Playstation Store’. There a a huge variety of games to choose from. They cost about £20/$30.

    3) I’m afraid you can’t use text files (Like Microsoft Word) on the PSP.

    4) The battery can last for up to 11 hours (though this varies marginally between PSPs). You won’t need to change the battery, it’s rechargeable and is designed to be very reliable and long lasting.

    5) My advice would be to buy a wireless router for your house so that you can connect the PSP to the internet.

    6) The only problems I found with the PSP are all gone now! Just connect it to the internet and it will download an Update, fixing all your problems!! But those were only small problems in the first place so if you don’t get round to it, don’t worry!!

    Have fun!!

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