R.B.I. Baseball 16 – Gameplay Trailer | PS4

R.B.I. Baseball 16 – Gameplay Trailer | PS4


R.B.I. Baseball 16 - Gameplay Trailer | PS4


  1. This game looks so goooood after having 4 shots of Hennessy,and 4 corona.Yes I will def buy this game.

  2. Too bad we don't get MLB Power Pros anymore for this kind of baseball. Even Mario hasn't had one this gen.

  3. XBOX needs to step it up! Why hasn't anyone made a game like MLB the show for xbox. Come on guys

  4. This game belongs on the ESPN.com catalog of games, not on consoles for $20.. lol

  5. Type of people in the comments:

    Funny people: "Can you show the Next Gen trailer, I hate the Gameboy Advanced graphics "

    Baseball fan Xbox users: Why is this the only baseball game on XBOX"

    Old Hipsters: "These kids don't know the good old days of NES back when we played games that wERE good. Forget your 1080p 60fps games, I want oldies and goldies and foldies."

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