REVIEW: Doctor Who – the Eternity Clock (PS3)

REVIEW: Doctor Who – the Eternity Clock (PS3)


REVIEW: Doctor Who - the Eternity Clock (PS3)

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  1. Well to sum up my review, I could overlook that it didn't make me feel like I was playing a Doctor Who episode, if the multi-player wasn't so unforgivably buggy. If I knew then (when I paid $20 for it) what I know now, I wouldn't have bought it.

  2. What I wanted was 2 things: what the developers promised (which we didn't get) and at the very least, a game that didn't glitch and/or crash on us at least once every time we played co-op. I don't think that's too much to ask for no matter how low the cost (which incidentally was $20 when I bought it).

  3. You're welcome. It is a shame; I was looking forward to it as well. Thanks for watching!

  4. Thank you for posing this vid. You saved me some money. I know know I'll pass on this game. Such a shame. I was really hoping it would be good. Ah well.

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