(RUMOR) Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date and Other Information Supposedly Leaked

(RUMOR) Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date and Other Information Supposedly Leaked


(RUMOR) Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date and Other Information Supposedly Leaked


  1. I think Kingdom Hearts 3 will have a presence at E3 and that they'll give a release date for the game, but like most games, will eventually get pushed back. So maybe they'll announce a March 2018 release, but by the end of the year they announce it's pushed back to the end of 2018.

  2. "Playable before August. Who knows. Maybe this game will ACTUALLY BE PLAYABLE. And if kingdom hearts 3 has ANY APPEARANCE at E3 this year, Square Enix better give off AT THE VERY LEAST an estimate on the release date. Whether it be what quarter of the year it will be released, the estimated month, the actual day, I don't CARE. If Square Enix doesn't give off news of a release date, I don't know what to say.

  3. I have maybe seen the release date on Kingdom hearts 3 in Gamestop.dk and it say 31-12-2020 and i had read at Tetsuya Nomuras say at it wont be done this year some where.

  4. ok so this Is a crazy theory ive been having. has anyone wondered why they used the numberes that they used for the hd remixes? now hear me out what if we already have the release date and don't know it. that's what I think the hd remix numbers represent. now there are 3 different hd remixes and 2.8 being the direct prequel to 3. what if each of the numbers represent a date a month and a year. if u put them all together minus the one on the first game you get 5/2.5/2.8 which to me spells may 25 2018.

  5. That moment when you realize this game was announced in June of 2013 and still isn't out damn

  6. Jesus I'll going to college in 2018… IVE BEEN WAITING FOR THE 3RD GAME SINCE 2ND GRADE!

  7. Kh3 Confirmed screen shots n trailers-Tangled,Frozen,Olympus/Thebes,Big Hero 6,Twilight Town,DARK WORLD,Destiny Island-Most likely 2 appear-Disney Castle/Town/Timless river,Daybreak Town,Aladdin/Agrabah,Pinocchio,Peter Pan,Toy Story,Keyblade Graveyard,Castle Oblivion,100 Acre Woods World,FF World,Jungle Book-Less Likely-Atlantis,Hallow Bastion,Halloween Town,Traverse Town-Kh 1 n 2 Summon Gems-Dumbo,Chicken Little,Bambi,Genie,Stitch,Peter Pan,Tinker Bell,Simba,Mushu-All are worlds except 3 Gems

  8. TheGamersJoint I was looking through the ps4 play station store and stumbled across KH3 while looking for KH2.8 Now Idk if this is true but there was a release date for KH3 which labeled 2017-12-31 and then I checked I looked everywhere to see if this was true but couldn't find until I went to the EBGames site and found it said the exact same thing see Idk if this true or not but if it is I'm super stoked to possibly be able to play in December.

  9. I think the reason the Release date is earlier than what you predicted is because it would be in Japanese. Remember, Kingdom Hearts may have Disney characters, but the company that makes the game itself is in Japan. so maybe the date of the DUBBED version of the game might come later that year. Would be awesome if I'm wrong though.

  10. should put some new final fantasy characters in kh 3 like noctis and the circle jerk lol jk but seriously they should

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