Scuf vs Elite vs Fusion vs Stock Xbox One Controller Review

Scuf vs Elite vs Fusion vs Stock Xbox One Controller Review


Scuf vs Elite vs Fusion vs Stock Xbox One Controller Review


  1. Updates 12/5/2016:

    Change: The new xbox one and Xbox One S controllers have 3.5mm jacks so Stereo Headset adapter is not necessary!

    Update: The new Power A Fusion has interchangable thumbsticks and D pad similar to the Elite controller

    Update: The new Scuf One controllers can have the 3.5mm jack if you opt for it during the customization process.

    Update: you can purchase the metal Elite thumbsticks and add those if you like now!!!!

    Update: Again, you no longer need the Stereo Headset adapter for the new Scuf One, Xbox One, and Xbox One S controller. They now come with the 3.5mm jack.

    Note: Xbox One Elite controller warrenties are only 90 days as well!!!

    Update: If you want a customized Xbox One, Xbox One Elite, PS4, Xbox 360, or ps3 controller, you can go to and create a fully customized controller with mods and paint it however you like

  2. @THoG Empire : posted this 2 months ago but hope you guys can help me out with this : what's the name of the song that's running at 9:45 ? Saw your review, was handy but the song is stuck in my mind. Heard it before but can't recall the name :(

  3. Yeah…. most controllers do come with 3.5 jacks since like 2014 summer/early 2015 which I see u realized in your most recent comment

  4. why would person keep scuf its overpriced bad and ripoff thats why they came out with elite it's the same but better and u can mod it with consoletuner and with elites on screen changes u can do

  5. Don't get upset about the analog stick breaking and having to take it apart. The website suggests to get the scuf rings

  6. the elite is really nice until you play with it for more then a month, the right stick snaps inside and the bumpers also snap. On my fourth elite, its kinda sad and pathetic. I would like to see some reviews on these after a few months of hardcore play time. They BREAK

  7. Agh, I'm so torn. I really wanna order the elite, but the reviews on amazon are scaring me. There are lots of people saying the elite just doesn't hold up like a $150 controller should. Like the bumpers breaking after a few months.
    Can any of you guys assuage my fears on this?

  8. Does anyone know the song which starts at 5:35 ? I know the song but I can't come up with the name… And noppe, I'm sure it isn't Darude with Sandstorm 😀

  9. 1. Scuf thumbsticks poorly made? Did you even ever use them? I mean you can dislike their feel as a matter of personal preference but they are well made.
    2. The sticks on that fusion look like absolute shit. Much less the rapid fire software and shit is just straight up cheating. They might not get you banned but they aren't allowed at esports tournaments (while scuf controllers are).
    3. The new scufs come standard with 4 paddles, interchangeable sticks (the ones you don't pick sold separately), the 3.5 mm jack (because its a modified S controller), you can remap the scuf paddles with the EMR option, and you can get all the options (during the current promotion) for $170 + shipping.
    4. The custom controller site you linked is trash, overpriced, and not even fully up and running. If you just want cosmetic upgrades, you can just buy a new shell/button kit or a skin (vinyl stickers) for $10-20. You could also just go the xbox design lab and get a new S in custom colors for $20 more than standard.
    5. Scuf now allows you to customize an elite controller which run $20-50 more than the standard elite, you get a decent choice of colors for the shell, buttons, etc., scuf or elite paddle options, scuf or elite dpad options, and scuf or elite grip options. I personally think this is the best option, although it costs significantly more than the standard elite which is just fine. You can get the scuf paddles and d pad separately for $40 with the pro grip and scuf thumbsticks to be sold separately as well eventually.

  10. Great video.. AND THANK YOU FOR BASHING SCUF!! They certainly deserve it.. Scuf is a fraudulent company that only treats their sponsored players well

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