Should I get the turtle beach x1 or x31 for xbox 360?

Should I get the turtle beach x1 or x31 for xbox 360?


I sit like 3 feet away from my tv so what is the difference besides wired and wireless?
Best answer gets.

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  1. My friend has the X1 and I just got the X31. According to him his gut feeling was that mine was a little cleaner; but if you don’t need to sit that far away then by all means stick with the wired – it’s much less expensive.

    Now, as a future parent I will point out that you should try and sit at least 4 or 5 feet away and never allow the monitor / TV to be the only source of light in a dark room; keep a lamp on in the corner or leave the overheads on a dimmer – your eyes won’t feel strained and you won’t get a headache from the magnet / heat / flickering pixels.

    Whichever one you get, replay some of your favorite games on EASY so you can take your time, browse, listen to ambient noises – it’s amazing! – replayed some old Gears 1 maps and heard some awesome audio details I never would have heard through the TV.

    Happy gaming

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